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Kristin Booker • March 5, 2013

My New TV Obsession(s): Bravo TV Fashion Shows on Wednesday Nights

Gals and gents, let me be the first to say that I watch very, very little reality tv. As a matter of fact, you can name on one hand (actually three fingers) the number of reality shows I watch with any regularity. It’s really just not my thing.

But now I have to expand to the second hand because I’ve seen screeners of some of Bravo’s new Wednesday night line-up and, well, damn it, they own my Wednesday night and a good part of my DVR now. Because I have a tiny stylist obsession and this ENTIRE NIGHT is dedicated to the wackiness of Los Angeles-based stylists. I’m in, I’m popping popcorn and I will be tweeting up a blue streak.

Starting tomorrow night, Wednesday, March 6th, here’s the lineup of my new Hump Day Fashion Hook-Up:


Click to watch the trailer for The Rachel Zoe Project, Season 5.

First up, the celebrity styling juggernaut that is Rachel Zoe in The Rachel Zoe Project. People, let it be known that I freaking live for Rachel Zoe. This show has been on for four seasons and they can keep filming until she’s styling fellow nursing home tenants and I will STILL be watching. This season evidently centers around the building of the Rachel Zoe clothing line, which is “rumored” not to be going well. In any case, we get to watch Zoe do her thing and the banter between Rachel and Rodger makes me giggle. Plus, at the end of the day, they’re one of my favorite couples.

It's A Brad, Brad World

Click to watch the trailer of Season 2 of It’s a Brad, Brad World.

Next up is Brad Goreski in It’s A Brad, Brad World. First of all, let’s talk about the sort-of scandal that could be conveyed that they put Brad’s show right behind his former employer’s. Pause. Ok, so now that everyone’s gotten past that, let’s talk about the fact that they guy is SUPER talented in his own right and has done some seriously great work on his own (published author, dressing Stacy Keibler in that SICK Naeem Khan dress at the Oscars, the fact that Jessica Alba looks like a rock star on the regular.) I’m down to see what Brad’s up to now, starting with his styling the Kate Spade New York Spring 2013 presentation.

Click to watch the trailer for Season 1 of Dukes of Melrose.

Click to watch the trailer for Season 1 of Dukes of Melrose.

Finally, the newest addition to the Bravo family is Dukes of Melrose, which makes my inner gay man (and my external one, I am half Drag Queen, after all) practically explode with Happy Glitter. The show follows the inner workings of Cameron Silver and Christos Garkinos, who are partners in Decades, the mecca of all things vintage in Los Angeles where all the insiders find those serious gowns, bags, shoes and jewels. I don’t have enough organs to sell currently to shop there, but I can save my body parts and just live vicariously through the drama of running the place and all the fab people they meet. Just screened the first episode and I am in for the long haul, especially since I’m madly in Fashion Love with Cameron Silver after meeting him at his book launch party in December at the MAC 5th Avenue store. He completes me.

SO, if you want to join the fun on twitter tomorrow night, I’m sure there will be plenty of us tweeting up a storm. Join in the fun or set your DVRs to “stunning” and just watch it later.


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