Kristin Booker • May 1, 2009

New Makeup Bag Obsession: Huge Lips, Skinny Hips

We once read that the average woman will ingest some unbelievable amount of lip product over the course of her lifetime. As fans of multi-tasking, we think that if something goes across your lips, shouldn’t it do double duty for your hips? Purple Lab Cosmetics thought so as well and came up with your new must-have makeup bag item: Huge Lips, Skinny Hips lip gloss with appetite suppressant ($20).

Possibly the hardest working lip product in the business, the glosses contain Hoodia which some experts say can help suppress your appetite AND they’re also packed with Vitamin B3, which stimulates blood flow to the lips and diminishes the look of fine lines around the mouth. It doesn’t stop there: each gloss also contains lip conditioning vitamin E, lemon peel oil, and meadow foam oil – all natural moisturizers. Something that is good for your lips AND helps your hips? We had to try it.

We road tested the six shades and not only did they give us an Angelina-sized pillow-top pout but we can safely say that we felt no urge to dive into dessert after application. You can choose from the rich rose that is Worship Kate (an homage to Kate Moss), the sexy nude that is Kitty Poledancer, Red Sole (inspired by the red soled Christian Louboutin heels), the flirty coral that is Love Your Thighs and a frothy peach that is Lychee Martini. Be sure to grab No Panty Lines (a clear shine) and dab it at the center of your top and bottom lip on top of the colored glosses: guaranteed sexiest lips out there. That advice is boyfriend-tested, FSB-approved.

Huge Lips, Skinny Hips is available at Space NK and Scoop stores right this minute and will soon be available online so drop the laptop and get one or all of the six shades for your collection. Really, how can you resist a sexy lip gloss that makes your lips plump but your hips smaller? Feel free to thank us later.


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