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Kristin Booker • January 6, 2010

New Year, New You: My Own Personal Fashion, Style and Beauty Resolutions

Over the holidays, I sent out the fabulous resolutions that my fellow fashion and beauty bloggers have made but I thought I would take it a little further and give you a sneak peek into what I’m challenging myself with this year. I wouldn’t share this with just ANYBODY but, you know, what’s a little shared love between true fashion, style and beauty addicts?

Get into a bikini by my birthday – Anyone who knows me knows about my now epic battle with the bulge. I’m now proudly down 62 lbs from my heaviest weight and I’m determined to take the remaining amount off by my birthday on June 9th. This means working out, eating right and picking out the hottest bathing suit I can find because I’ve promised to be photographed in said swimsuit. Oh yes, folks, nothing like the promise of flash photography against your semi-clothed body to keep you honest.

Only possess things I love and cherish – This doesn’t mean that I don’t love my clothes and shoes but I have been prone to impulse shopping in the past and after unloading a huge amount of apparel and shoes after I moved recently, I can say that I don’t miss anything that I gave to charity. If you closet fills you with dread when you open it, it can permeate your soul. I got rid of anything that didn’t fit or that I didn’t love. It makes getting dressed a lot easier and I look forward to restocking it with things that fit who I am today rather than some image of who I used to be.

Curate my own personal Glam Squad – Every person in the world needs a Glam Squad and I don’t care who you are. Every woman needs the following individuals on speed dial in your PDA/phone/Rolodex/home:
– Hair gurus that can handle all of your needs, from color to cut to processing to a glass of wine and a good bitching session when you’ve had THAT kind of day
– A nail technician that gives bullet-proof manicures and pedicures
– A brow genius that can create the perfect arch
– An aesthetician that gives facials where people at your reunion will ask if you’ve had work done and a waxer that doesn’t make you cry
– A masseuse that can reverse all of the drama of 2009 (and that is a tall order, people)
– A trainer, yogi and/or fitness instructor that can help you get a body that you can respect and love even more than the one you have now
I’ll be curating my glam squad throughout the year and posting the results on FSB.

Find the perfect pair of jeans – This changes for me on an almost annual basis but I’m on the hunt for the perfect pair this year.

Treat myself like a princess – That means I can take as many bubble baths, get as many spa treatments, take as many naps, go on as many vacations and have as much fun as I want this year without feeling guilty. I’ve learned it the hard way but it’s true: if I’m not happy and cared for, everything else suffers. The sacrifices are worth it but let’s all learn from Shel Silverstein’s The Giving Tree: eventually you will wind up just a stump. I’m trying a different approach this year by making a commitment to loving myself to death this year.

Pay attention to the way I look – This might sound hilarious from a fashion and beauty writer but I realized that sometimes I get dressed to get it over with, whatever it is. This means that I leave the house looking waaaay less than spectacular and that is inevitably the day when I meet someone really amazing (Isaac Mizrahi, for example) or some smoking hot guy is probably looking at me saying, “Huh. She could be cute with some makeup.” No more. I’m not saying appearance is everything but making skincare, a little mascara and my hair (which is just an epic battle of its own) a priority means that if I do it more often, it won’t be such an uphill battle when I have to do it at all. Make sense?

Get back in the dating scene – Yes, I’m back out there again and the hair, makeup and fashion decisions with stepping back out there go with it. I’ll chronicle the results in photos and word right here.

So, these are my resolutions and goals for this year. What did you decide upon? Let me know in the comments section.


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