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Kristin Booker • December 31, 2009

New Year, New You: Top Bloggers Reveal Their 2010 New Year’s Resolutions

It’s New Year’s Eve and after you go out and wreck your liver tonight, chances are you’ll repent over a bloody mary and start to think about what your resolutions are for the year to come. Outside of the usual, ever wonder what those of us in fashion and beauty media resolve to do or not do when it comes to our routines? I went out to some of the top fashion and beauty bloggers out there to get the scoop.

The gorgeous Julia DiNardo from Fashion Pulse Daily says:

As we close 2009, what are you most thankful for this year? From a style perspective, I am thankful for the return of “Eighties Shoulders” – the strong, exaggerated silhouettes of puffery, puckering, and glorious shoulder pads. My mom and aunt gave me glorious jackets of such stuff that have laid dormant in my closet for years, until recently, like my mom’s 80s velvet bolero jacket!
What’s your New Year’s Resolution? Less impulse buys, more meaningful investments (in apparel and accessories), and to perfect putting on fake eyelashes!

Lovely Anne Fritz of Jet Set Girls had a really fun thing to be thankful for this time:

As we close 2009, what are you most thankful for this year? I have to go with my husband of six weeks and counting, Leopold. He’s so wonderfully supportive of The Jet Set Girls and my blogging career.
What’s your New Year’s Resolution? I have two beauty related ones:
1. To take better care of my decolletage! I’m so good about using SPF on my face, not so good on my neck and chest and it’s starting to show.
2. Mix up my makeup routine more. I have so many lip glosses and eyeshadows, but I always use the same ones. No more in 2010!!

Adorable Jamie Sanders from The Beauty of Life is abroad on vacation but stopped by to give me her New Year’s Resolutions:

As we close 2009, what are you most thankful for this year?This year, I’m most thankful for taking more chances with my hair and makeup and having them pay off! I tried Minx, I tried haircolor for the first time in seven years, I chopped off 4 inches of my hair … and biggest of all, I tried red lipstick for the first time and it actually looked good! It showed me that trying new things doesn’t always have to be scary and doesn’t always have to end in disaster.
What’s your New Year’s Resolution? In 2010, I’m going to try to live life to the fullest. I’m celebrating a milestone birthday and want to take advantage of every opportunity I can!

The elegant Aly Walansky from Alytude had some fun hair-related items, which which I totally concur:

As we close 2009, what are you most thankful for this year? I’m super thankful for Moroccan Oil, Brazilian Keratin Treatments, and Living Proof No Frizz – these three products have gone a long way toward – after 30 years on this earth – my ability to love my hair, not loathe it. It’s so easy, with difficult hair, to want to chemically alter it, or hide it under a giant headband…but living in denial doesn’t work! (So says the two inches of roots I achieve several months after my Japanese thermal reconditioning appointments…) – work with what God has given you, and help it to be its best – and it just may surprise you!
What’s your New Year’s Resolution? My new years’ resolution is to clean up my life – I want to remove the emotional/mental/physical clutter from my relationships, my home, my closet – and everywhere else. And while I’m cleaning, and decluttering, I’m going to be more religious about cleansing my skin twice a day…if our body is a temple, I should probably give as much consideration to myself as I do to my vanity drawer! 🙂

Felicia Sullivan, the beautiful fashion and beauty blogger with the magic touch in the kitchen, had one very simple item for which to be thankful and I completely agree.

As we close 2009, what are you most thankful for this year? I’m grateful for the strange, wonderful, brilliant people in my life — my friends who I lean on, trust implicitly, and come to call my family  — for they have given me shelter through some of the darkest moments I’ve known.
(Felicia doesn’t really do resolutions.)

And then there’s me.

As we close 2009, what are you most thankful for this year? I’m extremely thankful for the amazing people in my life and finally coming into my own when it comes to accepting myself the way I am. My hair is kinky, I have an hourglass shape and finally accepting what I look like has been the greatest gift I’ve ever given myself. It’s allowed me to look and feel my best instead of fighting with myself on a daily basis.

What’s your New Year’s Resolution? I have to say that I share Aly’s resolution to clean up my relationships as well as get back out there and date. But from a beauty and fashion perspective, it’s all about maintenance and taking really, really good care of myself this year. I’m the first person to skip haircuts, not get massages, wait until my hands and feet make me look like an extra from Lord of the Rings before I get mani-pedis…no more! This is the year that I am top of my priority list and I will invest a considerable amount of time and funds to making sure I look my absolute smoking hottest this year.

What are YOUR New Year’s Resolutions, dear FSB readers? Spill!

Thanks to all my fellow bloggesses for their fabulous resolutions. Happy New Year, everyone!


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