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Kristin Booker • December 31, 2011

Stylish Living: 10 Reasons I’m Grateful for 2011


Time's a tickin'...what did YOU learn in 2011?

Hello, hello!

After taking some time off at the end of the year away from blogging and writing completely, I thought I would log back on to add some commentary to today. It’s the final day of 2011 and I thought I would close out the year with some gratitude for the lessons I learned this year.

Make no mistake, 2011 was a complicated year full of really powerful life lessons that I will take with me for the rest of my life. Some of them fashionable, some of the beautiful (and not-so-beautiful) and a lot of lessons on how to live with style and grace, 2011 came chock full of things I know I’ll never forget. Here are the top ten things I will remember from living through 2011:

10) Of all the things I’ve lost this year, I don’t want any of them back. Financially, people who were supposedly friends, stress and bad circumstances – none of the things or people I said goodbye to in 2011 will really be things I will miss. Letting go is the best feeling in the world.

9) Feeling good about your body goes beyond vanity. Honestly, I work in a vanity business. It’s ridiculous to say that it doesn’t thrill me that people remark on how much weight I lost this year. However, the biggest gains this year were my self-esteem, confidence and health. All of my health concerns are no more and I’m moving forward in a body that’s fit and capable. 2012 and beyond is a whole new ball game. Thank you to Fred DeVito, Kayleigh Pleas, Stefani Eris, Tammy Rowe and all of my beloved folks at Exhale Spa for giving me the gift of myself back.

8) The most beautiful women are happy. Happiness cannot be purchased and will add a light behind your face that no makeup can provide. Add laughter and happiness to your beauty regimen in 2012.

7) Wearing clothes that fit will make you look hotter than clothes that don’t. I have copious photographs to prove that I have been wearing sacks for a long time and I look five times bigger than I really am. Rather than untagging myself from hundreds of pictures, I’ll just wear clothes that fit.

6) The death of Elizabeth Taylor was a valuable reminder. La Liz had many good and bad things that happened in her life and while she was a stormy mixture, she was at her core a star. My note from her book for 2012 is to live big and love bigger and to give back to causes that need us. Oh, and jewelry. More fabulous jewelry, please.

5) Waiting to use the good stuff is foolish. I had some great personal items that I lost this year due to some personal issues. I wished I had used them immediately. Don’t wait to use the good china or to use that fabulous handbag. Wear it immediately and because you can. No one is promised tomorrow.

4) The word “friend” and “love” are used with too little care. We hug over a shared sale experience and throw those two words around a little too carelessly. I now know that I will have tons of acquaintances in my life but I will have very few friends. And the friends I have, I treasure.

3) Kim Kardashian’s wedding was a warning shot. The fact that people held a vigil outside of the store in Soho after the divorce was announced was a warning shot around the world. If we close our eyes to the marketing ploys being used to get us to purchase things we don’t need and to put people on a pedestal they don’t deserve, we’re heading for disaster. Read Plato’s Allegory of the Cave to understand what I’m talking about.

2) Living well is truly possible and should be done every single day. I love sleeping in fabulous beds, staying in great hotels, eating at fun restaurants and wearing really great clothes. I plan on doing a LOT more of this in 2012 and I hope you’ll join me in this pursuit. It’s time to put our own masks on first and take care of ourselves.  Someday is now. Let’s do it right in 2012.

1) A happy life is like a well-edited wardrobe. If everything you own makes you look and feel happy, is simple and uncomplicated in its offerings and is edited regularly to make sure it stays that way, it will always serve you and help you present your best face to the world. If most relationships and aspects of your life work the same way, that’s truly the recipe for happiness.

A blessed and safe New Year’s Eve to you all. Be careful out there and I’ll see you on the other side of midnight.


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  1. Susan says:

    What a great commentary! Thank you!

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