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Kristin Booker • February 17, 2010

New York Fashion Week: ADAM Fall/Winter 2010 Collection

Before The Show: I have to say that the crowd in line and inside the tent for the ADAM show was rather civilized. I even got a chance to take a seat for the show even though I had preferred standing. We all know that Adam Lippes is one of my favorite designers so they could have asked me to hang from the rafters and I would have done it to see the show. Luckily, acrobatics weren’t necessary as I took my seat third from the runway to watch the show.

Overhead In the Crowd: Unknown Person #1: “Do you think we’ll see any celebrities in here?” Unknown Person #2: “Well, I consider myself a celebrity so yes.” Unknown Person #1: “You know, that kind of delusion is really dangerous.”

 All show still photography courtesy of Getty Images

The Collection:
ADAM didn’t disappoint again, kicking the show off with a caramel-colored leather dress with a pleated back. Inspired by Isca Greenfield-Sanders’s painting, “Against the Fall,” we received a parachute jumper-inspired first set of looks with distressed leather and Amelia Earheart-ish creams and sand hues. A leather bomber with an oversized shearling collar paired with a cream top and draped skirt was a personal favorite.

Cozy knits were paired with flowing plaid dresses (I need a huge knit scarf and long belted plaid dress ASAP, people) and then the gorgeous metallic embroidery came out, with a gilded golden beaded dress almost knocking me out of my chair. The collection was cohesive, well-designed and incredibly wearable from dawn until dusk. It’s a Fall/Winter collection you can live your life in, which is why I adore Adam so much. Bravo again!

Trend Spotting:
Cozy, chunky knits were a favorite. More leather and shearling. I was also a fan of the multiple skirting options, from draped to pleated to shearling-covered A-line. I loved the muted color palette: ochre, steel, caramel and muted hues accented with red and gold. Gorgeous.

Overall Impression:
Again, I might be slightly biased because I adore his work but the collection was well-thought and a complete wardrobe for the ADAM woman. Which, of course, I hope to become someday.


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