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Kristin Booker • February 18, 2010

New York Fashion Week: Backstage Beauty at Lela Rose with Ted Gibson, Tina Turnbow for Tarte Cosmetics and Deborah Lippmann

 The scene: Lela Rose backstage was slightly insane as it can be when you have tons of models racing in first thing in the morning. It was an ambitious undertaking. Twenty-three models had to get hair, makeup and nails done before they could even get dressed. Luckily, some of the best were on hand to take care of business. Hair was done by Ted Gibson and his team, makeup was done by legendary Tina Turnbow and Tarte Cosmetics and nails were none other than legendary nail guru Deborah Lippmann. For those of us who are beauty fans, it was hero overload.

The Look: Ted Gibson described the hair as a next morning twist. Meaning that the hair had great texture and was blown into a French twist but instead of turning the hair from the crown down and securing it, it was twisted from the nape of the neck upward and secured hastily. The front of the hair was teased into a lifted pompadour, giving the girls an almost otherworldy effect. Ted used his own products, including Ted Gibson Build It Blow Drying Agent, Fix It Styling Gel and Beautiful Hold Hairspray. All of Ted’s amazing products can be purchased via his site.

Tina Turnbow gave us the lowdown on the Tarte look, which was a very silvery, moonlit sky look on the eyes with a milky complexion and a light lip. Tarte products used for the makeup look were all from Tarte: the Eye Couture palette, which contains two of the main colors on this blue-black sooty eye: Lucy I’m home and Blue Lagoon. Add smolderEYES to the inner rim of the eyes and top the look with tons of lashes.

Deborah Lippman went along with the otherworldly appeal with a nail polish I need RIGHT.THIS.MINUTE. Called “Across the Universe”, it’s a shimmering blue with crystal flecks that build like a nighttime sky. (as seen in the photo). It’s not available yet but believe me, I’ll own it. All of Deborah’s amazing products can be found on her website. She might be one of the coolest people I’ve ever met and all of her polishes are named after songs. It was too much to handle. I had a fan girl moment and asked to have my photo taken with her. After all, I live in “Hit Me With Your Best Shot.”

Get The Look: Tina gave a whole rundown of how to create this gorgeous look with Tarte Cosmetics. Here’s how to get the gorgeous eye look straight from the legendary (and lovely, btw) makeup artist.
“Think of the eye as a rounded sphere or planet. The inner crease of the eye is darkened up to the brow with the shimmery deep blue gray (eyeshadow in lucy I’m home). The outer area is rounded, softly muted blackness. The center of the eye is the lightest, with darker edges (inner and outer corner of eye) ending in black (eye couture palette). Apply blue lagoon only in the center of the top and lower lids. Blend the blue into the gray and then into a bit of the black. There should be a bit of the blue and silver gray (eye couture palette) blended in the center of the lower lashline. Apply smolderEYES in the inner rim of the eyes. Top it off with a coat of lights, camera, lashes! mascara on the top and bottom lashes (no curling needed). Leave eyebrows-do not fill in. After finishing the eyes, clean underneath with the eraser 4-in-1 natural concealer. Finish with a healthy blush and a naked glossed lip.” All of these products can be found at Sephora or via Tarte’s website.

This was the finished look. Gorgeous, right?


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