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Kristin Booker • February 17, 2010

New York Fashion Week: Elise Overland Fall/Winter 2010 Collection

Before The Show: I was able to go a little backstage magic for Elise Overland (which I will show you shortly) but afterwards was able to take a seat with my friends, Dina Fierro from eye4style, Felicia Sullivan and Jamie Sanders of The Beauty of Life. We were awash in a European chic crowd and the front row didn’t disappoint: Malin Akerman, Kelly Osborne and Maggie Rizer caused quite a stir but when Heidi Klum strolled in wearing a gorgeous pony hair Elise Overland coat, the scene blew up. She’s awe-inspiring in person.

Overhead In the Crowd: Honestly, the only thing anyone around us could talk about was that we were that close to our favorite celebrities. I’m not going to lie, that level of proximity to Maggie Rizer and Heidi Klum is pretty intense. They’re stunning.

All show still photography courtesy of Elise Overland

The Collection: Elise’s pumped her rocker costume background into a collection of goat hair and leather goods that were just amazing. We had a chance to speak with the designer afterwards backstage and she said that a friend who had recently had heart surgery inspired the collection.

Vibrant red leather and silk dresses, genius textures and seemingly flame-enhanced goat hair embellishment was the result and the collection was completely covetable. All of us were trying to figure out how to get our hands on the collection because if you were going to get yourself a Euro chic leather item, Elise Overland would be the collection to do it.

Trend Spotting: Overland kind of does her own thing but the use of long hair on leather coats was used throughout the collection, as was a good amount of leather and fitted dresses.

Overall Impression: I’ve always been an Elise Overland fan and having been able to head backstage and touch the collection for myself, it’s over now. Plan accordingly because you’ll need a piece of this “heartfelt” collection come fall 2010.


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