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Kristin Booker • February 19, 2012

New York Fashion Week: Katie Gallagher Fall 2012 Collection

Models lined up on the runway for the Katie Gallagher Fall 2012 Collection. Photo: Kristin Booker.

Katie Gallagher is a designer whose work I’ve wanted to see in person for quite a bit now. The photos of this Mad Scientist of the Cloth were said not to do her work justice, that you had to SEE them in person. I’m glad to say that this season, I had a chance to experience it for myself and I completely concur – Gallagher’s clothes are works of art.

The presentation for her Fall 2012 was entitled “Silent Soil” and was held at The High Line Room of The Standard Hotel. The RISD (Rhode Island School of Design) grad floated her clothes out on what looked to be black volcanic sand with broken girders and eerie spotlighting giving the collection a rather alien feel. The models mimicked this science fiction made real feeling, with textured hair, otherworldly green eye makeup, chiseled cheeks and deathly pale lips with dark inner definition, as if they’d been feasting on the soil they were walking on.

A model at Katie Gallagher's Fall 2012 Collection. Photo: Kristin Booker.

People, despite the fact that trying to get shots of the collection in that small room were tantamount with hand-to-hand combat training, it was absolutely worth it. The clothes are exquisite. Said to draw inspiration from her drawings and paintings before ever creating an item of clothing, the patternmaking for her creations has to be something else entirely. The cuts and angles of the jackets are sharp and unusual and the textures are absolute perfection. The fabric is treated as artistic material, rending web-like structures and textures that give mere fabric such appeal it almost seems a shame to wear it.

Although really bright lights were shining on this skirt, you can get an idea of what I'm talking about. Photo: Kristin Booker.

I don’t know what else could be said about Katie Gallagher’s collection other than the artist herself is creating sheer magic. I can only apologize that my camera couldn’t capture what I saw in person, but given the chance to see it again, I guarantee an upgrade in photography so you can understand the mastery I’m speaking of. Look for her items in specialty retailers like LN-CC in London and Seven New York and H. Lorenzo here in the states or online at Shopbop, but look for it. If you value the art in clothing design, I’m sure you’ll agree with my enthusiasm over Katie’s incredible talent.


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