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Kristin Booker • September 7, 2012

New York Fashion Week: Photos and Coverage from the Lucky FABB Conference

I love conferences that seek to really teach and enrich the business I’m in. Unfortunately, this season I had to choose between two amazing conferences and Lucky Magazine’s FABB won out. This year’s experience was absolutely amazing in my book, packed with incredibly fun moments, some REALLY great information (I could listen to Raman Kia talk about analytics forever) and some celeb moments that were pretty fab. Here are some of my favorite moments from yesterday:


Lucky Magazine Editor-in-Chief Brandon Holley and Rachel Zoe.

Honestly, Lucky Editor-in-Chief Brandon Holley chatting with Rachel Zoe was beyond fun. Rachel is incredibly inspiring in person and – including her killer wardrobe, all from her own line natch….

…she had three really great pieces of advice that work for people in any industry really: one, don’t expect things to fall into your lap, that good things only come from really hard work….

Brandon and Rachel take in her most recent collection and discuss her inspirations and style icons. This is a Mick Jagger-Marianne Faithfull hybrid.


Two, she doesn’t consider herself at the top of her game, that when you get to the point where you get too full of yourself it’s time to do something else and keep challenging yourself to get better; and three, it’s pays to be a nice person in the end.

Lucky’s Beauty Director Jean Godfrey-June chatting with Lauren Conrad.

Lucky’s Beauty Director (and one of my favorite people on EARTH) Jean Godfrey-June had a chat with Lauren Conrad, newly-minted beauty blogger, author, designer and former reality tv star. Super-engaging and very honest, my long-time girl crush on Lauren continues to grow. She said something about reality tv that was really smart and very clear, that reality tv was a vehicle to make sure people knew about her designing talent.  She said that being on reality tv might help you get there faster, but once you’re there, it’s a long climb to maintain your audience and it’s a fight to gain credibility.

She’s in a dress of her own design from her line, Paper Crown. She doesn’t have her name on too many things because, in her words, “I’d rather a girl go to a boutique, pick up a dress, love it, buy it and find out AFTER she gets it home that I designed it.

By the way, she’s just as gorgeous in person as she is on tv. Please do see her perfect top knot and cat eye.

Barneys New York Brand Ambassador Simon Doonan and designer Anna Sui

We had a chance to watch Barneys New York’s Brand Ambassador Simon Doonan have a fireside chat of sorts with legendary designer Anna Sui. This was honestly two old friends chatting, but it was so funny and engaging. Anna spoke about her famous friends helping her get her amazing designs on the runway, namely The Trinity: supermodels Naomi Campbell, Linda Evangelista and Christy Turlington. She spoke of her lifelong affinity for rock and roll, her design process and her new collection.

A slide projection of one of the Coach bags designed by Anna Sui, coming this November 2012 to stores everywhere and, in particular, my wardrobe.

She’s also designing a capsule collection for Coach. This bag is part of it. You will see it again, namely on my person once the collection launches in November, because I will be the first person to buy it. LOVE.

There were too many moments from the conference to recall in this one post, but just trust me: all in all, I thought the day was incredibly well-spent, that we gathered some valuable information, had a laugh and got a chance to hear some great inspirational items from some industry heavy-hitters. It was, in a word, pretty fab.

All photos in this post were taken with the Nikon D-3200 camera, which is featured as part of my New York Fashion Week partnership with Target. To learn more about this camera, head to or your local Target store for high-performance electronics at an incredible price.




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