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Kristin Booker • February 12, 2010

New York Fashion Week: Ports 1961 Fall 2010

Ports 1961 was my first foray into the tents this year, and, from start to finish, the experience was a decent season-opener.

Before The Show: While in line, I happened to be waiting next to none other than Esther Nash – one of those Fashion Week staples who’s seen everywhere, although no one really knows what she does. She chatted my ear off about how much time it takes to plan her outfit in the morning, then proceeded to complain that there “really needs to be a coat check, so we don’t all get overheated.” This said while the woman wore a white fur hat, vest, handbag, and pink fur boots. Inside.

Once we entered the tents and the show started, I sensed an industrial vibe. The backdrop showcased machinery, and a huge puff of white smoke encased the first few rows (which included Whitney Port and Olivia Palermo) right before the models came out.

The Collection: As for the clothes, they too had a hard, structured edge to them. The palette was mostly in the brown, grey, black, and deep purple arena with some accents of silver and dirty metallics. Leather was everywhere – from aviator style cloches, to long leather gloves, to high leather boots – each paired rather brilliantly with different materials. Very few flowy pieces walked – we saw mostly structural, non-fussy separates. There was definitely a feel of industry, and possibly invention, as the majority of the models resembled Amelia Earhart if she were to ditch the flying goggles for a fierce necklace and high leather boots.

Trend Spotting: Trendwise, I spotted lots o’ leather, hats and head adornments (there was a turban or two), matte metallics, fishnets, and random, huge, arty necklaces – one being very bulbous and pastel, and others made from plates of copper and gold.

Overall Impression: I dug the show – the vibe was heavy, but not offensive, and the clothes were in a muted palette that could be dressed up or down. Unlike previous seasons celebrating the tribal aesthetic, I’d wear Ports’ fall collection right off the runway.


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