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Kristin Booker • February 11, 2010

New York Fashion Week: Ten Things NOT To Do

We’re off and running at the tents and there are a few things to remember when heading into our beloved Bryant Park and MAC at Milk. There are many things to do, but what about some things you might want to consider NOT doing? Here’s a quick primer for first-timers and a mild reminder for those of us who’ve been here a few times:

1)    Don’t be rude to PR people: Look, they’re human, just like you.  Schmoozing, insulting, threatening them, hurtling items at them and acting like a total asshole will not only ensure you’re not invited back but it can get you ejected and banned. Be patient and wait. Manners go a LONG WAY.

2)    Don’t forget to eat:
The Fashion Week diet usually consists on coffee, water, food no larger than your finger and copious amounts of alcohol. This is really no way to live. You’ll lose weight by default because you’re racing from location to location, so make sure you eat something substantial at least ONCE. If that means you break your “no white flour” rule, so be it. Fainting dead away in line for a show isn’t cute and your attitude when you’re hungry is NOT attractive.

3)    Don’t push:
I have a rule this yea: if you push me in line, I will most likely push back. I am tired of people shoving me. We are all in the same line, going to the same place. Feel free to race to the front if you’re in the standing section once you’re up the stairs but the angry shoving is insane and it could get someone hurt. I saw a woman get pushed to the ground last year going into the main tent and I am NOT going out like that.

4)    Don’t complain about having to wait in line:
It’s a cattle call, people. There’s a lot of waiting for a very brief event called a show. We all know it so come prepared. There’s a ton of reading material at the front check-in desk. WWD and The Daily are there. Strike up a conversation. Check your email. Chill the Hell out.

5)    Don’t complain about your feet hurting:
You will get sympathy from no one. Those stones are hard on your feet, your knees and your back. If you wear high heels on them for a long time, one or all three will eventually start to ache. Either bring a pair of shoes that are more comfortable or suffer in silence. Some of us bring more than one pair of shoes. I suggest you do the same.

6)    Don’t forget breath mints and gum:
Remember that advice about eating? Well, standing in close proximity to someone who has eaten something kinda stinky or who hasn’t eaten at all is not pleasant. A curiously strong mint will make everyone happy and it might add one calorie for your brain to function.  We all win.

7)    Don’t be a swag whore: We all get excited about the stuff we get during Fashion Week.  It’s chock full of goodies. However,  asking for more than one swag bag, looting other people’s bags, requesting swag, getting upset because there isn’t a gift on your chair and tweeting about the swag you get is what gives us all a bad name. Be gracious, say thanks and take it somewhere you  and your friends can enjoy it later. No one walks away empty-handed anyway. You got to attend New York Fashion Week. How many people can really say that?

8)    Don’t name drop:
We all know someone important.  This really doesn’t matter inside the tents. Real VIPs don’t have to announce they’re important. Posers do. That is all.

9)    Don’t freak when someone famous walks by: There are celebrities EVERYWHERE. By all means, when Anna Wintour walks by, you can look at her with reverence but screaming her name and mugging her for a photo with your or an autograph is unprofessional and it screams “tourist.” This is the one time you can mix and mingle with celebrities as just one of the crowd. Don’t ruin that opportunity for yourself and all of us.

10)    Don’t forget to have fun!
It’s Fashion Week. Take tons of photos, tweet like Hell and enjoy. Our favorite holiday comes but twice a year.


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  1. michelle joni says:

    anyone complaining about their feet should be banished from the tents. if you don't know how to stand a day in 5 inch heels, become an accountant.

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