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Kristin Booker • February 22, 2010

New York Fashion Week: Timo Weiland Fall/Winter 2010 Collection

Before The Show: I ascended the elevator to view the Timo Weiland show amongst a crowd of very enthusiastic viewers. Timo Weiland brings out fans of impeccable tailoring mixed with a touch of theatre and this year’s show wasn’t about to disappoint. We all walked in to view an installation of pedestals surrounded by black streams from floor to post in a wide room with a movie playing against the wall. The models walked in one by one and reviewers were invited to walk into and out of the collection to shoot and inspect the looks.

Overhead In the Crowd: It wasn’t what was heard, it’s what was seen. A very tall woman walked in wearing what can only be described as a marching band outfit. A HUGE Beefeater’s hat with gold chains, a goat-hair trimmed leather jacket, liquid leggings and ginormous platform boots. I’m a huge fan of the avant but even that caused me to take a moment. Judge if you will but she definitely had my attention.

My two personal favorite looks from the collection

The Collection: The collection was described in its press materials as the designers attempt to “envelop themselves in their homespun, epic tale of eras colliding; the Age of Innocence meets Gangs of New York. The dichotomy of the masculine and the feminine, often captured throughout the history of cinema, is another great source of inspiration for the design duo that seeks to dress modern day dandies, male and female alike.”

My take on the collection is that it was very Italian film noir-inspired, with chic retro cat-eye sunglasses, dandy tailoring and sweet, gamine dresses and suits. Think Sophia Loren meets Audrey Hepburn for the women’s looks and very Cary Grant meets boarding school for the men. Tweedy and impossibly chic, the hues were saturated and wearable, with scarlet red, midnight blues and loden greens offset by camel and black The textures were rich and sumptuous and the silhouettes were classic and wearable. An extremely smart presentation and a great collection of clothes overall.

Trend Spotting:
More camel and red mixed together, tweed and tailored jackets and suits. The textures were rich and I love the retro glamour feeling we’re seeing.

Overall Impression: A very wearable collection with pieces for any wardrobe. LOVED Timo Weiland!


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