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Kristin Booker • January 20, 2015

Beauty 101: Use Night Serum

Anyone of a certain age can recall the teen skincare ads with the cute girl splashing her face and smiling a zit-free grin. I can remember watching that commercial as a pre-teen and asking my mother for the product so I could follow suit. Said parent jumped right on that, and I started washing my face and moisturizing at the age of 11. Along with the few sparing products I was allowed to use on my young skin came one simple note of advice: the less you do to your face, the less you will ever have to do to your face. I’ve followed that advice to the letter for decades, and I guess Mom, as per usual, was right.

I’d like to think my routine is rather simple, but in addition to the basics (cleanser, night cream with retinol, day cream with SPF, eye cream all the time) I swear by the power of serums. The concept is really simple: if you can add a bonus benefit to any basic products, why not? Serums can target specific concerns (like dark spots and redness) that are rarely addressed so specifically in a moisturizer, and adding just one to your daily routine can make a huge difference.

This is particularly true of night serums. This is the lazy way to a better face, people: it works while you sleep. Slather it on under a night cream, add some eye cream, lights out. Wake up to a glowing complexion, cleanse, apply moisturizer and SPF, put on makeup and the big girl pants, and you’re out the door.

One of my favorite new nighttime serum discoveries has been this awesome serum. Packed with tons of hydration and Red Rice Extract, an antioxidant which encourages older cells to act like new, this is a booster shot of hydration and line smoothing from the inside out. I started using this after a particularly brutal day in New York’s sub-zero temperatures, and the application was instant relief. I slipped a night cream on over it, and by the time I woke up, it was like walking 30 blocks in 17 degrees Fahrenheit never happened. I mean, the memory remains and I still have a little PTSD about it, but my skin looks amazing.

As we get older, there are certain keys to looking better, and outside of diet and exercise antioxidants and moisture are like a one-two punch to maintain volume in the skin. This night serum is one of the best I’ve tried in a long time, and I think I’ll keep it in my lazy nighttime beauty routine for a long time to come.

Renee Rouelau Bio Radiance Night Serum, $49.50 via her website.



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