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Kristin Booker • September 8, 2009

NYFW: Ten Things You Need To Survive Fashion Week

As many of us prepare to head to Fashion Week and between Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, MAC at Milk, Style 360 and Nolcha (among other individual events), here’s a little survival guide for those of you who don’t know what to expect (and those who have convenient amnesia):

1) You will be standing A LOT so if you’re prone to crying if your feet hurt, you’ll need to grab yourself some shoe relief. The Foot Petals Stiletto Survival Kit ($49.95) comes complete with all the necessary pads to keep you from buckling on the pavement: Foot Petals Tip Toes, Heavenly Heels, Strappy Strips, Killer Kushions, Haute Heelz, and Sole Stoppers.

2) Make yourself a stylist kit in a Ziploc and include the following items: GoSmile ampules ($10) for quick whitening emergencies, baby wipes, Tide-to-Go Instant Stain Remover Pens ($8.99), Hollywood Fashion Tape Assortment Kit ($10.99),various sized safety pins, Band Aid Liquid Bandage ($6.89), feminine hygiene if it’s that time of the month, pain reliever, eye drops and tissues.

3) You will kick yourself if you forget electronic chargers for your camera,Flip, iPhone/Blackberry/mobile phone and/or laptop. Also remember extra camera batteries if necessary and keep them all together in one area so you know where to find them.

4) Here’s a trick that keeps me sane: make a folder for every day and place your itinerary and all of your invites in this folder. Pack it the night before, use it, come home and swap it out for the next day’s folder. It saves you from scrambling or forgetting an invite the night before.

5) Carry an oversized bag so you can toss swag into one bag rather than carrying multiple bags to multiple events. Your manicure and your back will thank you.

6) If you travel like most of us who live here, get an unlimited subway pass so you don’t have to worry about blowing all your money on subway fare. That being said, reserving cab fare for nighttime travel is a must because eventually you will be out late at an after party and between your aching back and feet, the subway will look considerably less inviting. Cute ballerina flats for walking distances between events is a must. Bring shoe bags to protect your pricey pumps and save your sole(s).

7) There’s no need to bring water or coffee since refreshments will be served. There will be alcohol so do make sure you eat. Sloppy drunk on 6″ stilettos = emergency room visit and no one wants to see you a good girl go down, honey.

8) The tents will have Port-A-Potty lines so just be prepared and suck it up. The lines are long for everything and you will suffer a few elbows. These are the little indignities we all suffer so you’ll get no sympathy from most people. Hang in there. It’s worth it.

9) Take advantage of the amenities. Cocktails, swag, free beverages everywhere, tons of fun people watching, Fashion Week Daily and other free publications to read. Answer email, catch up on your reading, make connections in line for a show: if you use your time wisely, it can be hilarious fun and quite productive. Don’t forget business cards!

10) It’s perfectly acceptable to hop in wearing oversized sunglasses and red lips to a show, especially after Fashion’s Night Out. See this Breakover Diaries post for quick “screw-it-I’m-late” get-ready ideas.

Have fun and I’ll see you there!


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