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Kristin Booker • June 29, 2012

Objects of Desire: 5 Alexis Bittar Statement Rings (And What They Might Say About You)

Gals, let it known that I am an accessories nut and one of my favorite items to acquire is a signature cocktail ring. This little gem sitting atop your finger is one of the best statement pieces a girl can have and it adds instant cache to any look except gym attire, at which point it’s baubles off unless your last name is Kardashian.

Cocktail rings are effective because they essentially draw the eye to your hands at all cost. If you want to get a man’s attention, wear bangles. If you want every woman in the room rapt to your every move and word, get a statement ring.

In my humble opinion, Alexis Bittar does some of the best statement rings in the business (he does some of the best JEWELRY, period.) The following five rings are simply perfect and not at a price point that’s calls for the sale of an internal organ. Here what I think they say about the person wearing them:

Alexis Bittar “Modernist” Statement Ring

Alexis Bittar “Modernist”  Statement Ring – “Cool under pressure. Beware when pressure gets too high.”

Alexis Bittar “Clustered Teardrop” Ring.

Alexis Bittar Clustered Teardrop Ring – “Life is filled with red carpet moments. Excuse me while I take this call from Beyonce.”

Alexis Bittar “Elements” Oval Doublet Ring.

 Alexis Bittar “Elements” Oval Doublet Ring – “I’ve got a great romantic side, but I reserve the right to bury you under Downton Abbey if you cross me.”

Alexis Bittar “Modernist” Glacier Ring.

 Alexis Bittar “Modernist” Glacier Ring – “I own a not-so-secret stash of leather pants. Yes, I’ll hold for Mr. Jagger.”

Alexis Bittar “Dark Gardens” Flower Cluster Ring.

Alexis Bittar “Dark Gardens” Flower Cluster Ring – “I’m a good girl, I am. Oh, but favorite phrase? ‘Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.'”

It’s time for a statement ring, gals. Bling it on, girls. BLING IT ON.

Alexis Bittar Cocktail Rings, all available via Nordstrom, which is evidently coming to NYC VERY SOON! <squee!!!!>



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