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Kristin Booker • October 2, 2013

Object of Desire: C. Wonder Calf Hair Camo Slipper Loafer

C. Wonder Calf Hair Camo Print Slipper. Image courtesy of C. Wonder.

C. Wonder Calf Hair Camo Print Slipper. Image courtesy of C. Wonder.

I recently had someone I’ve known since college call me “the Carrie Bradshaw of Our Graduating Class,” and she went further to explain the ideal she had of me, racing about Manhattan in high heels with my laptop, covering all manner of fashion and beauty stories while bedding Mr. Big and swilling cosmopolitans.

That’s so cute.

For the record: the racing around Manhattan part is right, the covering stories part is correct as well, and there is no Mr. Big but there is a Lucky Guy. But that’s about where the similarities stop, and I definitely am not racing anywhere in high heels. Nope, I hate to crush that fantasy, but while I do rock the occasional Choo for red carpet events, I am a Woman In Stylish Flats.

I need the RIGHT flat shoes, though, and these are definitely top contenders for Flats With Attitude: great loafer shape, a slight heel to protect the back, and the camo print adds edge. These are five-star flats, and they’ll take charge of my ballet flats. Ballet flats can’t hang with flats like these; they can’t handle the truth.

I like edge, ladies. I also like the fact that camouflage, along with animal prints, is considered a neutral, which means it pretty much goes with anything. Try it, see what you think. Show up to coffee or the car pool lane in these bad boys and see what happens. Don’t mess with me, these shoes are saying. You can’t handle all of this.

Suiting up for a tough day? These shoes may be comfortable, but they definitely mean business.

C. Wonder Calf Hair Camo Slipper Loafer, $138 via


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