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Kristin Booker • October 7, 2013

Object of Desire: Heartbeats Snoop Dogg Necklace from Gypsy Warrior

Heartbeat Snoop Dogg Necklace from Gypsy Warrior. Image courtesy of Gypsy Warrior.

Heartbeat Snoop Dogg Necklace from Gypsy Warrior. Image courtesy of Gypsy Warrior.

I love, LOVE to throw on 90’s hip hop and dance around like a fool. I’m also crazy about great accessories with fun messages, so the combination of the two had me at “Hello.” Let’s discuss this Heartbeats Snoop Dogg/Snoop Lion lyric necklace from Gypsy Warrior, shall we?

The necklace comes from a rather cool online storefront, Gypsy Warrior, and is the brainchild of Nicla DiCosmo and Michel Bezoza, who combined  a mutual love of all things tattoo culture, rock ‘n roll, New York City street style, and vintage into an Etsy store that’s now a must-visit storefront in Ridgewood, NJ. It’s on my must-see destinations for all things rocker style. If you read this blog often, clearly you know my style and this store is right on target.

gypsy warrior necklace

This particular necklace is so beautiful in its simplicity: an uber-cool silver heart etched with lyrics from “Gin and Juice” on a 16″ chain. Because, see, you can’t really see what the words are until you get close enough to it to read the etching. From afar, it’s a lovely piece of jewelry. Up close, it’s all la-di-da-di-you-likes-to-party. I live for pieces like this.

There’s an R. Kelly necklace as well, if you’re into that kind of thing. I’m a Snoop girl myself. I fear him less.

So, you know, add this to your wardrobe and just sneak it in when you want to add some character to your look. Days when you’ve got your mind on your money, and your money on your mind, so to speak.

Heartbeats Snoop Dogg Necklace, $50 at



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