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Kristin Booker • September 30, 2013

Object of Desire: J.Crew Convertible Toggle Coat

J.Crew Convertible Toggle Coat. Image courtesy of J.Crew.

J.Crew Convertible Toggle Coat. Image courtesy of J.Crew.

I’m not exactly sure when I started allowing touches of prep to enter into my wardrobe, but I’ve suddenly started to embrace classic American sportswear in a manner I’ve not experienced since I graduated from college. If I suddenly have an urge to start wearing strands of pearls with my sorority letters, I’ll phone a friend and check myself into the Alexander Wang wing of the nearest hospital.

But there’s something so scrumptious about this lovely toggle coat, and I’m quite smitten with it. Because, let’s face it: J.Crew makes some of the best damned coats out there, and I’ve decided that this will be The Year I Purchase A J.Crew Coat. I like the casual cool of this wool-blend toggle coat, and it looks warm and neutral enough to play nicely with a good urban wardrobe as well as make for a great weekend option, like for this apple picking trip I’m currently planning with Lucky Guy.

Yep, I said apple picking trip (and the trip was my idea.) Like I said, I’ve embraced classic American sportswear, I’m going apple picking, and I’m planning on roasting chicken and making pies with said apples. I’m seeing a rocker WASP-y guy, what can I say?

Warm, perfect for weather transitions and for days when I feel like unleashing my inner Martha Stewart in stripes and initial jewelry. As long as I can wear my studded boots, I think this coat will do just fine.

J.Crew Convertible Toggle Coat, $398 via J.Crew online only


Object of Desire: Jcrew Convertible Toggle Coat


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