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Kristin Booker • February 24, 2014

Object of Desire: Valentino Rockstud Trapeze Bag

Image courtesy of Net-A-Porter.

Image courtesy of Net-A-Porter.

You know, for years I’ve had dalliances with the high-powered luxury bag purchase. I have some great monogrammed wine tote, don’t get me wrong, but outside of selling internal organs to afford a Chanel 2.55, I’ve yet to pull the trigger on a spendy handbag. I’ve had people tell me for years that I should make the investment, but only one or two have gotten me so far as the savings account deposits.

Until now. I was waiting for the moment when I saw it, that Lightning Bolt of True Love that comes but once in a great while when you just know. You’re mentally standing there in the rain on one side of the alley and there it is on the other side, holding an umbrella, looking amazing and just beckoning you to get over there and LIVE. This is the bag, and I feel that SOON is the time.

The Rockstuds are here to stay, and this Valentine medium trapeze bag is going to have a ring on it soon. Neon blue, genuine calf leather, covered in shiny studs where you could brandish it as a weapon at the first sign of an apocalypse. Or, you know, get the girl’s attention who just cut in front of you at the sample sale table (you’ve been warned and you know who you are.)

I’m just a girl…standing in front of a bag….asking it to love me. Yep, it’s definitely A Forever Bag. In lieu of gifts, please just send your best wishes for me and my handbag.

Valentino The Rockstud Medium Neon Leather Trapeze Bag, $2,445 at Net-A-Porter.


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