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Kristin Booker • September 19, 2013

Objects of Desire: GapBody Sexy Lace Girl Shorts

GapBody Sexy Lace Girl Shorts. Image courtesy of Gap.

GapBody Sexy Lace Girl Shorts. Image courtesy of Gap.

I have a small lingerie obsession with Panties That Do No Harm. No, seriously. I love sexy lingerie as much as the next person. I’m also willing to put up with a bit of discomfort in the name of fashion when it comes to skin-tight clothes, dresses and the process of breaking in a new pair of my beloved Jimmy Choos. But where I draw the line is discomfort in your underwear. Crack-climbing thongs that pinch and pull, thin straps that cut off the circulation, panty lines – I’m just not down. I also want them to stay put when I put them on, as in no migration during the day or when I get up or sit down. Comfortable thongs so soft you’ll forget you are wearing a thong with no-show fit in modern prints and lace thong styles. Adios, VPL, get them on

Clearly, I have a lot of demands for my underwear.

Which is why I have a lot – and I mean, A LOT – of GapBody underpinnings, and the majority of the collection is comprised of the girl shorts. Cut across the body like a boy’s brief but designed for the curves of a woman’s body, they’re alluring but they stay put. They’re the equivalent of the boxer brief for women: breathable, soft, no unwanted motion or lines and they look amazing.

I’ve highlighted a few favorite new patterns here, and if you’re a D cup or below you should also check out the amazing bras and panties. I’m too busty for the bras, but if I could rock them, I would.

Panties that look amazing and won’t chafe, ride up, pull or literally fall into the “gap?” Sold.

GapBody Sexy Lace Girl Shorts, $12.50 each or $9 each if you buy three or more, available online and in-store


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