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Kristin Booker • July 12, 2010

Obsession of the Day: Alo Bamboo Palazzo Loose-Fit Pant

My friend Heather and I were having dinner Saturday night at Pure Food and Wine, one of my all-time favorite raw restaurants (and if you haven’t tried it, get on that and make a reservation post-haste.) Both of us are yoga devotees and when the topic of clothing came up, she asked me for a recommendation. Without hesitation, I recommended Alo (, the amazing organic line of activewear that I live in, especially these pants.

Now, when I say that I practically live in these pants, I’m not kidding. If you see me running errands around town, dashing over to get a pedicure, or basically performing any activity that doesn’t require me to get “dressed up,” I’m in these pants. They’re incredibly soft and the wide bottoms create an air current that makes sure you stay cool and dry. I practice yoga in them and, well, I also practice life in them. If you need to look cute in a hurry, throw these on with a comfy tank or tee and call it a day.

I did mention that they’re eco-friendly, yes? Yep. They’re made predominately from bamboo, a sustainable source that breathes, handles moisture beautifully and is sooooo soft.

This is activewear for an active life that’s just as cozy when that crazy schedule comes to a blissful stop. It’s workout wear that’s just as comfy when you’re sitting still.

Alo Bamboo Palazzo Loose-Fit Pant ($69), available via their website


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