Kristin Booker • April 15, 2010

Obsession of the Day: By Killian Rose Oud Eau de Parfum

Every once in a while, I think it’s nice to treat yourself to something fabulous. When I mean fabulous, I mean something that every time you look at it, you smile like there’s no tomorrow. It doesn’t matter what it is: a new pair of jeans, a fabulous ring…or a mind-blowing perfume that will have heads turning everywhere.

Recently, I was introduced to one of the most luxurious fragrances I have ever smelled and I can’t stop wearing it: By Killian Rose Oud Eau de Parfum. Created by luxury perfumer Killian Hennessy, the grandson and heir of the legendary Hennessy cognac company (part of the luxury conglomerate Louis Vuitton Moët Hennessy, or LVMH), this is the second fragrance in the Arabian Nights collection and the essence of the ultra-sensual Turkish Rose. It’s a mysterious fragrance that develops with rich and opulent notes of rose, incense, amber and musk. If anyone gets close enough to your skin to smell it, they won’t be backing away anytime soon: it’s a seductive fragrance that pulls you in so you’ll never want to let go.

You’re thinking to yourself, what’s “oud,” right? Oud is an extremely rare and precious oil found in agarwood from the aquilaria tree in Southeast Asia. The oil itself has a complex, warm, woody scent but it’s incredibly animalistic. In many Middle Eastern countries, it’s reported to be worth more than its weight in gold.

Exactly. This is seduction in a bottle, people. It’s Dynasty relived. It’s worth every drop.

The scent comes in a weighty bottle with gold detail and arrives in a similarly-crafted, lined coffret for storage away from the light (and borrowing hands). It’s also refillable, which I adore.

Like I said, every once in a while you deserve to treat yourself. If smelling like a goddess is your method of reward, there’s nothing like this gorgeous luxury fragrance.

By Killian Rose Oud Eau de Parfum ($395), available at Bergdorf Goodman

FTC disclosure: small tester received for review 


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