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Kristin Booker • September 27, 2011

Obsession of the Day: David Lerner Leather Front Zip Leggings

Image courtesy of Shopbop

OK, so you know I’ve been on this quest for the perfect pair of leather leggings. I don’t know what’s made me so obsessed about this particular wardrobe item lately but I feel compelled – nay, ORDERED – by some universal force to find the perfect pair. Now, I don’t just mean for any 6’2 model who could wear anything in a size 25 or 26. No, I mean a gorgeous pair of leather pants for the rest of us out here who aren’t paid to be human clothes hangers. Could such a clothing item exist and, if so, how quickly can I get my hands on them?

I think Shopbop has my answer in these David Lerner Leather Front Zip Leggings. A gorgeous pair of jersey leggings with 100% leather front panels, I think this might be my compromise between rocker style and the ultimate comfort of a pair of leggings. I also have to point out that the price is beyond right (those Isabel Marant fringed numbers were over $2k) and that they seem long enough (my inseam is 34″.)

Ladies, join me in the Leather Pants Revolution. Let’s take these sexy pants out for a walk, shall we?

David Lerner Leather Front Leggings, available via Shopbop


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