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Kristin Booker • September 3, 2010

Obsession of the Day: Decleor Aroma Night Essential Night Balm

I am a complete addict of anything that works while I’m doing something else, which is why you can regularly catch me wearing hydrating masques while I work and cooking dinner while my toenails dry. My argument is simple: if I can get even MORE done while I’m doing something else, why wouldn’t I take advantage of it? This is why night creams are a necessity for me. Hydrate and replenish my skin while I sleep? Yes, please! That’s the ultimate in multitasking and I am SOLD.

My new favorite night cream is the thick aromatic sensation that is Decleor Aroma Night Essential Night Balm. This is a thick neroli-based essential balm with beeswax as the main delivery system, which is why after dipping your fingers into this little pot of goodness and rubbing your hands briskly, it breaks into an essential oil delivery system that brightens, plumps and deeply nourishes skin so that you wake up with luminous skin. Ladies with dry skin, THIS is your Holy Grail of night creams. Get in on this.

Want to know another fabulous use for this gorgeous product? Cuticles and rough elbows. I’m telling you, this product softens EVERYTHING. Just apply and let it work while you’re sleeping, beauty. I’m telling you, it’s sheer perfection.

Decleor Aroma Night Essential Night Balm ($69), available at Nordstrom


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