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Kristin Booker ā€¢ July 1, 2010

Obsession of the Day: Do-It-Yourself Cutoff Denim Shorts

Ha! Didn’t see that one coming, did you?

Look, I know everyone keeps seeing cute denim cutoffs from all these major denim lines and, no offense to my favorite denim lines, but the beauty of cutoffs is that you can make them yourself. It’s a way to keep a pair of jeans that are just old or a little too big but you love them too much to let them go entirely.

So, at the liberty of irritating the big boys of the denim game, here’s a great way to make a cool pair of rocker cool denim cutoffs.

1) Locate a pair of jeans that you love but perhaps they’re a little too big, too old or you’ve got multiple pairs.

2) Put them on and grab yourself a piece of chalk. Figure out where you want the cutoffs to hit and draw a chalk outline — and this is important — about an inch LOWER than where you want them to stop. Trust me, you can always cut them shorter but you can’t put fabric back.

3) Take the jeans off and cut across the chalk line on both legs. If you want a serious pair of Daisy Dukes and you want the pockets to peek out, be sure to pin the pockets to the waistband before you start cutting or, you know, you’ll cut through the pockets.

4) Now for the fun part: depending on your preference of details, you can just go nuts. Head to your favorite fabric store and get all sorts of embellishments: chains, pyramid studs (uber-cool around the pockets), sandpaper for distressing (hardware store for that one). I like bleach spots and distressing so I usually just splatter the shorts with bleach and paint, then let them dry in the sun (ahem – dry aging) before I take heavy-gage sandpaper to them.

5) Ta-Da! Your own denim shorts!

Show off those cute legs in cutoffs this July 4th weekend. Just, you know, wax before you walk out the door. šŸ™‚


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