Kristin Booker • January 29, 2010

Obsession of the Day: Do-It-Yourself T-Shirt and Statement Necklace Action

Today’s obsession is a mixture of a favorite wardrobe item and some do-it-yourself magic. It involves my two favorite things in the world: big, comfy tees and glittering jewelry.

The first item is a huge, oversized V-neck tee. No need to go out and spend a mint on a T-shirt. Au contraire…get thee to a super store and grab yourself a bag of Hanes V-neck Tagless Shirts (5 for $11). Get them big for your size, whatever size you are. I mean, BIG, as in if-your-apartment-suddenly-caught-fire-it-could-double-as-a-parachute big.

Then I want you to rip one out of the bag and distress it within an inch of its life. Take some aggression out on that shirt. Drag it behind your bike, wear it to the gym to spinning for a week straight without washing it (gross, but it works), or the old stonewashing method, which is to basically fill it full of stones and throw it into the washing machine (careful with that one.) Pull it out of shape over a chair, do what you have to do until it’s nice and soft and aged. I’m also a fan of pulling the neckline out – as in, I put my foot in the neckline, place it on the floor and pull up until it practically rips. That creates a deep V-neck like nothing else. Cut off the hems, shred the bottom – whatever makes your heart sing. Congrats – you know have your own couture, custom-made t-shirt that only you own.

Throw it on and then add this Aqua Multi Chunky Crystal Necklace ($60). Now, here’s what makes this sleek instead of sloppy: everything else has to be form-fitting and I mean everything. Liquid leggings, skinny denim (no bootcut or wide leg, sorry), pencil skirt – whatever works but keep everything else skinny. Add a fitted leather jacket, shoe boots (or tall boots) and if you’re feeling jaunty, a black fedora. Add a clutch and head out for drinks with the girls. When they ask where the look came from, tell ‘em it was custom-made, then “forget” where you got it.

You sexy thang. Work it! Have a good weekend!


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  1. audrey says:

    wow this necklace is absolutely gorgeous!!! i really love it 🙂
    thank you very much for sharing 🙂

    drey jewelry

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