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Kristin Booker • June 15, 2010

Obsession of the Day: Foot Petals Triple Threat Pack

Let’s face it: whenever a woman says a high heel is “super comfortable,” she’s kind of stretching the truth most of the time. I mean, the higher the heel, the more relative comfort gets in regards to, say, walking on broken glass. The shoe she’s wearing all day is “super comfortable” compared to the pair of shoes that caused her to soak her feet in Epsom salts for two hours last Sunday morning while she begged for mercy from the footwear gods. We love killer heels but sometimes the torture we put our feet through is a pain worse than death.

Enter my new favorite Hollywood stylist secret obsession: the Foot Petals Triple Threat Pack. This package of adhesive cushions can be added to any fabulous pair of shoes or boots to keep shoe wounds to a minimum. The pack includes three of the brand’s well-known products: Tip Toes (to protect the sensitive ball of your foot), Killer Kushionz (comfortable shoe sole inserts) and Heavenly Heelz (to absorb the shock at the heel area.) Any combination of these three items can reduce the threat of crying at the end of the night.

Got a fabulous evening planned or an event (wedding, anyone?) where you’ll be standing in high heels for an extended time? I just saved your lives. You’re welcome, America.

Foot Petals Triple Threat Pack ($24.95), available via Bare Necessities


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