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Kristin Booker • February 3, 2012

Obsession of the Day: G-StarRAW ARC 3D Super Skinny Jeans in Deep Red

G-StarRAW ARC 3D Super Skinny jeans in Deep Red. Image courtesy of G-Star.

Ladies and gentlemen, please view the first item of purchase for the upcoming wardrobe I’ll be rocking at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. Because the minute I saw these gorgeous, wonderful works of magic and cloth, I was on them like cupcakes. Which, if you don’t know me, is FAST.

These are a pair of G-StarRAW Arc 3D Super Skinny Jeans, which are super soft and have a fit that is mind-blowing, to die for and all that.  Here’s the key to G-Star jeans that I like: the composition has stretch but not TOO much stretch. The composition of the fabric is 3% elastane, 31% polyester  and 66% cotton. This means that they’ll give a little but they won’t stretch WAAAY out and once they’ve molded to your shape, they stop.

I couldn’t seem to find this exact color online, but the blue version of the ARC 3D Super Skinny is available there. All the models are available at your local G-Star retailer, which is where you’ll find me this afternoon picking up this cranberry-hued wonder pair.

If you’re looking for a great new pair of jeans in an unexpected hue, these jeans are just the ticket. Just wear them with all your neutrals or be brave and experiment with a brighter top or metallic items. As someone who’s not especially girly when it comes to Valentine’s Day, this would be my pick for a great date night look with just the right undies underneath.

G-StarRAW ARC 3D Super Skinny Jeans, available via their website or your local G-Star store.


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