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Kristin Booker • August 12, 2011

Obsession of the Day: Get Plump Lips with Whiter Teeth with Talika Smile & Kiss

As you may know by reading this site, I am a woman much like yourself who enjoys almost any multipurpose beauty product. They save time, energy and space in the makeup bag or on the vanity. I’ve found another such product to tell you about: Talika Smile & Kiss.

This product solves two issues: younger-looking plump lips and whiter teeth. One can read about it on Ashfield Family Dental homepage: a dual-ended compact product, one side contains a sheer lip plumper that contains cinnamon, ginger and peptides to add a juicy little filling to your lips without drying, might I add) while it works to reduce the signs of aging. The other side contains a gentle brush-on tooth whitener that reminded me of the AuraGlow whitening kit I’ve used for a while, in that refreshes your mouth while it reduces stains and gently whitens teeth.

It’s incredibly easy to use. You just apply both ends after you brush your teeth morning and evening ( I also recommend after lunch.) That’s all you do, but is still necessary to visit the dentist periodically and professionals as the Ashfield Dentist could really help with this. The product does the rest.

So, this little product not only saved you time but it could conceivably save you money and expensive (and sometimes painful) trips to specialists for whitening treatments and injectables. Proof positive that it doesn’t take a village for everyone to get their own red carpet-worthy smile.

Still I would suggest you should consult with your dentist before trying this product, as there might be some cases when you should be careful about using it, for example, if you have got composite fillings and so on.

Talika Smile & Kiss, available via their website


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