Kristin Booker • May 13, 2010

Obsession of the Day: Get Your Movie Night On With A Roku Digital Video Player

As someone who is out covering events at least four nights a week minimum and writing every other time (blogs never sleep), I can honestly say that I very rarely have time to watch movies or DVDs, but good luck removing me from my couch when I do. Like all of you, the minute I get a chance to chill out and relax, I completely unplug with whatever has come in from my Netflix queue and catch up on documentaries, comedies and whatever else struck my fancy. Has anyone else had a movie arrive where you wonder how many glasses of wine you had to drink to put that title in your queue? Just me? Fine, be that way.

What if I told you there was a way to view all those “Watch Instantly” movies in your queue right on your television without even having to plug in your laptop? Introduced to me by Robert Verdi last year, I’ve just hooked up (and am now hooked on) the Roku Digital Video Player, a device that streams your Netflix queue to your tv via your wireless internet. The quality of the programming is just as good as that of a DVD, and it has the same abilities to rewind, fast forward and pause. I just finished plowing through Season Two of Showtime’s The Tudors. It was Magic Time.

Best of all? Your Netflix movies that aren’t instant watch just keep arriving at your house! It’s like a cornucopia of movies and entertainment for your free time. The only thing that would make this situation perfect is if a massage therapist and a nail tech magically pop out and give me spa treatments while I chill out to The September Issue. Maybe throw in a personal chef?

You can also do other things with a Roku player that I’m discovering and loving: play Pandora radio, buy and watch movies from Amazon.com. Your husband/boyfriend might fight you for the remote, though: the player also plays MLB.tv (Major League Baseball, sports fans) and NBA Game Time. If the NFL shows up on this thing in the fall, I might never leave the house again on a Sunday.

Let’s be honest here: outside of True Blood and Entourage, summer television is a wasteland. I’m planning on creating my own little summer programming schedule with my Roku player so I’m not completely annoyed. That is, after I clean out my recent crop of movies. Which will take me….well, all summer.

Roku Digital Video Player ($79.99 – $129.99), available via their online store


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