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Kristin Booker • October 31, 2011

Obsession of the Day: Glamorous, Spooky Goth Jewelry by Jennifer Fisher

Jennifer Fisher Spider Medallion. Image courtesy of Aaron Dyer Photography.

Today is All Hallows Eve (Halloween in layman’s terms,) a holiday where it’s perfectly acceptable and expected for you to celebrate all things dark and spooky, to revel in things that would normally creep you out.

Jennifer Fisher Bone Skull Pendant. Image courtesy of Aaron Dyer Photography.

While most desire to adorn themselves in costumes that will most likely never see the outdoors after tonight, I tend to prefer a more permanent addition to my collection of accessories and clothing, like these amazing goth-inspired jewelry pieces from jewelry designer Jennifer Fisher. Normally known for her personalized gold jewelry, Fisher has recently started designing some edgy pieces in brass that I will personally be working into my wardrobe way past tonight.

Jennifer Fisher Rose Gold Skull Ring. Image courtesy of Aaron Dyer Photography.

Feast your eyes on these gorgeous items. We’re talking spider cuffs, bone skull necklaces, rings with clusters of skulls in rose gold, spidery medallions and sword charms. Feel free to grab a piece or two for your own wardrobe for a frightfully fabulous addition to your own wardrobe. That rose gold ring of clustered skulls is a personal favorite. I would consider selling an organ to wear that ring.

Jennifer Fisher Spider Cuff. Image courtesy of Aaron Dyer Photography.

Jennifer Fisher Jewelry, available via her own website


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