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Kristin Booker • January 31, 2012

Obsession of the Day: H.Bloom Floral Delivery Subscription Service

Image courtesy of H.Bloom

Ok, so if you read this site, you know that I am ALL ABOUT pampering yourself. I firmly believe in living in a manner in which every day is a celebrate of the fact that you, you marvelous creature you, breathe air. Nothing says, “You are so worth it” to me than floral arrangements. I try to have flowers in my bedroom at ALL times. They make me smile every morning when I wake up.

I’m also a believer in tending to your own floral needs. I love it when men send me flowers, but I can take care of that aesthetic need for lovely flowers in my own home myself…and I do.

Image courtesy of H.Bloom

Hence, when I heard about this fabulous new subscription service, I could NOT stop myself from telling you about it. It’s called H. Bloom and the floral deliveries start at a mere $29 a month (you can spend as much as you want, doll.) The $29 gets you an “Arrange Your Own” service, which delivers a beautiful bundle of loose stems to your door and each week one of their designers posts a video that suggests how to arrange them. The bouquet delivered to your door usually makes two to three arrangements.

This is all for the price of you skipping 4-5 fancy coffees a month. Downgrade the java. You NEED this jolt of happiness every day.

Image courtesy of H. Bloom

Click below to sign up for this service. Because every woman needs to learn how to arrange their own flowers (it’s very soothing, trust me) and you need to learn that the message that your worth gorgeous flowers needs to come from someone who loves you very much – you.

H. Bloom Subscription Service, $29 a month. Click through for more details.


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