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Kristin Booker • August 25, 2010

Obsession of the Day: Lisa Hoffman Madagascar Orchid Day and Evening Fragrance Oils

If you’re like me, you have a need to switch it up when it comes to perfume, especially when it comes to a daytime-appropriate fragrance and then something a little more, well, sexy for evening. This is easy when you’re in your house all day with a whole vanity full of choices but if you’re also like me, you’re never home when said switch-a-roo of scent needs to occur. Since samples sometimes burst in your bag (and how much fun is THAT when it happens?) and you can’t always run home and change, what’s a girl to do when you need to go from shaking hands in the office to shaking it up for a night on the town?

Easy. You get yourself a set of Lisa Hoffman Madagascar Orchid Day and Night Essential Fragrance Oils ($39.50.) These slightly mysterious fragrances are derived from the intoxicating scent of said flower and separated into two small glass bottles with roll-on applicators. The day fragrance has a sensual floral scent that leaves a hint of mystery – as in, I know you’re trying to be appropriate in this meeting but I can see you staring through my clothes so give me what I want. The nighttime fragrance has a wild sensuality that’s not overpowering but it’s a little more straightforward in the imagine-you-and-me-horizontal variety. Both are incredibly pleasing and leave a scent that’s warm to the skin, meaning that you can smell the fragrance but that it’s more perceptible the closer you get to the wearer. Because that’s the essence of true scent anyway – it beckons you closer, not pushes you away. These essential oils do that and they stay longer because there’s no alcohol to aid in their evaporation.

Best of all, if you tune into QVC live on Friday, August 27th at 9 am, Lisa will be appearing on camera and you can check out her other line of skincare products, which are reported to be amazing. I know I’d like to know about them because after applying this to every pulse points day and night for the past week I can tell you that it’s this scent, not my milkshake, that’s bringing all the boys to the yard.

Lisa Hoffman Madagascar Orchid Day and Evening Essential Fragrance Oils ($39.50), available via QVC live today, and Lisa Hoffman’s website


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