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Kristin Booker • January 18, 2012

Obsession of The Day: mark Walk The Line Fashion Ring

mark Walk The Line fashion ring. Available via Avon online or call your representative.

No, I didn’t type that wrong up there. That’s meant to read mark., as in the little sister brand for Avon. After a few seasons of quietly scooping up fashion jewelry here and there from this amazing brand (and you will see TONS of it on me in the future,) I want to let you know that good taste and great pieces do not have to be expensive as you do not always need to pick the perfect diamond ring. As a matter of fact, check this out.

This gorgeous ring is an architectural swoop of rhinestones that run across your fingers. An elegant knuckle duster of a ring, it’s perfect for fingers of all sizes and looks WAY more expensive than it actually is. As in, rock out with this ring and then tell them where you got it and how much it was. Watch jaws drop. Repeat.

Or not. Maybe your inexpensive-but-tasteful thrill is your little secret. However you want to play it,  lady.

But whether you tell them or not, I encourage you to buy it. Hear that little bell that just went off that told you purchasing this ring was a good idea? Answer it. It’s Avon calling.

mark. Walk The Line Ring ($16), available online or through your local mark. Representative


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  1. To order the Walk The Line Ring, I am an Independent Sales Rep for mark. Go to my eboutique and register at Thank You for making your mark.

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