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Kristin Booker • January 19, 2012

Obsession Of The Day: Miu Miu Glitter Platform Sandals

Miu Miu Glitter Platform Sandals.

I have some rather stylish friends, but none hold as high a regard in The Closet I’m Planning In My Mind as Dina Fierro of eye4style. I rarely shop off my friends bodies and purchases, but Dina is always buying or wearing something that I really want. You know that friend who has a wardrobe full of items that you didn’t know you wanted until you see them, then you can’t think about anything else but getting them? That’s Dina. She has impeccable taste.

Inspired by Dina’s most recent acquisition of some shiny glittery shoes by Miu Miu (Prada’s little sister brand), I’ve decided that it’s high time to sprinkle some stardust into my own shoe closet. After divesting a rather hefty collection of shoes before my most recent move, it’s time to start fresh and invest in some specimens that will make me giggle like a schoolgirl every time I see them. I feel this is the purpose of shoes by Miu Miu and so, these gorgeous sandals are about to come home with me.

Silver glitter with salmon-hued suede trim, a heel that isn’t perilously high (although when has THAT stopped me?) and the fact that they’re almost seasonless. Yep, I deserve to feel happy just looking at them every day. They’re kind of like Dorothy’s magical slippers from The Wizard of Oz, except I’ll click them three times before I go out.

Sometimes it’s fun to be inspired by your friends and their style. In this case, I’m inspired to build a shoe wardrobe that brightens my day immensely, filled with options that bring incredible joy to my life. Let these shoes serve as the first step toward that goal.

Miu Miu Glitter Platform Sandals, available via the Miu Miu site.


2 Responses to Obsession Of The Day: Miu Miu Glitter Platform Sandals

  1. Christy Clark Roberts says:

    I ♥ these shoes Kristin, this might be my first must have for 2012!!! Thanks for sharing 🙂

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