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Kristin Booker • April 15, 2011

Obsession of the Day: New York and Company Streetwear Long Rib Tank

You’re thinking, a tank top? You can buy these anywhere.

Actually, no I really can’t. I have the double whammy of being curvy AND long-waisted. My issue with most tank tops is that they ride up and turn into Brit Brit belly-baring shirts within minutes. It’s so not cute and it’s very uncomfortable to feel like your tops are riding up all the time.

This is why this tank top is a gift from the heavens above. The’re beautifully fitted and are extra long on the bottom to make it more comfortable for those of us who need more length. They also hold their shape and their dye (the black tanks hold their color forever) and look amazing with almost everything. If you’re long-waisted (or you just like really long tank tops) buy these in bulk when you see them on sale.

You know, like now. Buy at least three of ever color. You’ll need them for summer.

New York & Company Streetwear Long Rib Tanks, on sale now at New York & Company and your local NY & Co store.


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