Kristin Booker • June 18, 2010

Obsession of the Day: Ray-Ban Classic Wayfarer and Original Aviator Sunglasses

I’m pretty adventurous when it comes to fashion and I’ll try or wear just about anything at least once. But with this type of discovery comes the knowledge that when you find something that works for you, stick with it. I’m not saying that you should never change your look, your hair or your wardrobe, but there are some items that become classics for a reason. Which is why I’ll be a Forever Fan of Ray-Ban Wayfarer and Aviator sunglasses.

Oh, don’t get me wrong. I’ve cheated on the label more than a few times with some gorgeous eyewear that shall remain nameless. But for my money, there have never been two shapes that work as well with my face and make me look like a total rock star. Hollywood has popularized the shapes to the point where Tom Cruise should own stock in the company since he’s made both these styles best-sellers (Wayfarers in Risky Business, Aviators in Top Gun). They look good on men and women, come in a variety of hues and silhouettes (when it comes to the Aviator, girls with round faces should rock a Sharpshooter style – makes your face look longer and leaner) and, let’s face it, they look good on EVERYBODY.

Looking for a Father’s Day gift, birthday gift or just a new pair of sunglasses for yourself this summer? Check out these gorgeous Ray-Ban styles. Because sometimes you just need to stick with what works.

Ray-Ban Original Aviators ($140) and Classic Wayfarers ($145), available at Saks Fifth Avenue and other fine retailers nationwide


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