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Kristin Booker • October 26, 2011

Obsession of the Day: Rick Owen Suede and Leather Wedge Thigh Boots

rick owens suede and leather wedge thigh boots. image courtesy of net-a-porter.

My eternal love for all things Rick Owens knows no bounds. Basically, if the man decided to craft potholders I would want them. I still long for the day when I will waltz into a store to purchase one of his eternally cool leather jackets and perhaps a dress or two. Until then, I will cast my gaze longingly upon his collections from here, content to follow his every move with love and unending affection. Watch the video of his Autumn/Fall 2011 Collection for more proof of why I love the Mad Monk of Fashion:

(Thank you to for this fabulous video.)

Which brings me to these AMAZING thigh-high boots. Ok, so let’s be honest here – you have to be tall (which I am) and with pretty leggy stature (which I also am) and most likely a model size (which I am not) to wear these but a girl can dream, can’t she? We’re talking what’s essentially a country riding boot elongated to runway proportions propped up on a wedge that gives you L’Wrenn Scott-level height (which is TALL, having met her.) These magical boots are amazing because 1) they’re so beautifully crafted and 2) they are your legwear for the night. Throw a dress on over these and leave the house. They ride all the way up to your bum, so there’s no need for anything underneath them save a thigh-high stocking to protect your foot.

Can you imagine strutting into your next party (or ANYWHERE, really) wearing these amazing boots? I’ll bet they’re even more captivating after the evening is over. Be sure to wear pretty underthings with these boots – you’ll most likely get the command to “leave the boots on.” 🙂

Rick Owens Suede and Leather Thigh Wedge Thigh Boots, available via net-a-porter


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