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Kristin Booker • July 26, 2011

Obsession of the Day: Saving My Feet From High Heel Pain With CitySlips

I am a woman who loves her shoes but, like most of you, I can’t honestly say that they love me back. Hence, I am constantly carrying one pair of fabulous heels and commuting in ballet flats. The problem is that said ballet flats don’t always necessarily compact as well as you’d think they would when covertly slipping into said killer high heels during an event and when trying to stuff my ballet flats into a rather stylish smaller clutch, well…it’s not always a pretty sight.

Enter a gift I recently received which has become my new favorite objects of affection, CitySlips. They’re lightweight ballet flats that fold up into their own cute little carrying case and unfold when you need them. How small do they fold up? Small enough to fit into a medium envelope clutch and save me from crying after an event. Yep, they’re some of my favorite things ever.

Not only are these genius items comfortable (read: an elastic back heel panel that expands but stays put for maximum comfort and fit,) but they come in stylish hues and can withstand pavement and even rain without disintegrating. My feet are in better condition and my handbag has never looked better.

Oh, and that cute pouch that carries the shoes? If you need a larger bag to carry those killer heels, it expands to a full-sized tote in which you can place said heels and even your smaller clutch when you’re ready to call it a night.

Tired of carrying a bulky change of footwear in your handbag? Downsize both the bag and change of footwear with these genius little items. Just slip them in your bag and you’re ready to take on the city.

CitySlips ($24.95) via their website


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