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Kristin Booker • December 13, 2010

Obsession of The Day: The DKNY Cozy (a.k.a The Case Of The Instantly Fabulous Wardrobe Necessity)

I haven’t had a chance to do the Obsession of the Day post lately per the fact that I’m slightly crazed working BUT you KNEW that when I came back to it, I was going to make it so good that you were like, “Wow, Kristin. My life was empty without this. Thank YOU for bringing the joy into my fashion heart.”

You’re welcome in advance for this.

I recently attended an event at the DKNY flagship store here in Manhattan, where a group of us fashion bloggers got a chance to style ourselves with ANYTHING in the store using their now-legendary wardrobe secret weapon, the DKNY Cozy. As in, we could use anything in the store. As a long-time DKNY fan (and someone who has always thought that Donna Karan should simply be carried everywhere, lest her legendary feet hit the ground and she fall below Fashion Goddess Status) I jumped at the chance and decided to grab some color (which is not like me, people – I don’t do color) in the way of a gorgeous turquoise Cozy and then went completely sequin happy with some other items. The photo above is my outfit look, which was also subsequently mentioned in Womens Wear Daily. Nice, right?

Now, the thing about this sweater that I have since learned is that there are twelve different ways to tie this thing but there are literally hundreds of ways that no one’s even discovered yet! It’s like this never-ending fashion item that can be worn with everything and it really works on everybody. Please do note how flipping one end over the other in the front and tying it behind your natural waist as I’ve done INSTANTLY gives you tiny waist/cute bust/amazing butt action. Curvy girls, GET IN ON THIS ITEM IMMEDIATELY.

You can see that there was a contest and honestly, I didn’t participate (the shame still haunts me) but my friends all played along. Check out DKNY’s Facebook page for photos of how we all decided to rock the Cozy and get some ideas for yourself. This super-soft, can’t-live-without-it wardrobe item will immediately become the hardest working wardrobe item in your closet and for good reason. I am converted and now have to purchase at least three more of these….maybe more….don’t judge me. Just go check this gorgeous item out for yourself and see what I mean!

DKNY Cozy, on sale for the holiday RIGHT NOW for $136.50 via their website


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