Kristin Booker • March 13, 2010

Obsession of the Day: The New Mirror Face G-Shock Watch

When you flick your wrist to see if you’re on time or running late, what peeks out of your sleeve says a lot about you. I have many classic timepieces and even a few evening watches (here is where I purchased my watch last few times, including my cheap *BUT REAL* Rolex), but lately I’m feeling like it’s time to add a little fun to my watch wardrobe. Hence, my new obsession with the newest release, the Mirror Face G-Shock ($99).

Now, for those of us who grew up in the 80’s, these timepieces will serve as a tad nostalgic. Reminiscent of watches typically worn with Members Only jackets and Vuarnet sunglasses (oh yes, people, I remember EVERYTHING), they’re a blast to the past that has actually been translated into fashion forward. Available in vivacious colors just in time for spring (I’m crazy for the lavender and blue versions), not only are the watches pretty but they’re incredibly tough (attention: mothers with small children). They’re shock resistant and water resistant to a depth of 200 meters (it won’t die if you suddenly have to plunge your hand into water).

The watch featured a flash alert, multi-function alarm, countdown timer, 12 and 24-hour formats and a stopwatch function that I desperately need for my spring training routine. I love the idea of wearing a fun sporty watch with a cute dress and a leather jacket or just pairing it with a tank and denim cutoffs for weekend chill out time. Either way, the watches are durable and delightful.

Mirror Face G-Shock ($99), available at www.gshock.com


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  1. Betty says:

    So I'm in college now and I remember when I was in sixth grade and they were the "it" accessory to have for girls my age… and probably everyone I just didnt notice. I loved my g-shock, I probably still have it around somewhere.

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