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Kristin Booker • June 1, 2010

Obsession of the Day: Uniqlo Sarafine Innerwear Tank Tops

Unfortunately, I’m one of those women who sweat. I don’t mean a light misting like some of you lucky women out there, I’m talking a full-on stream of moisture that runs down my brow line, my neck and down my back. I bring an extra towel to yoga and I’m the girl who is constantly stripping down at events because I hate to be hot. Between sweating from excessive heat then walking into arctic air conditioning, I’m never really that comfortable during the summer.

Enter my new tried-and-tested solution: Uniqlo Sarafine innerwear tank tops. I wrote up the launch of the items before but I’ve now had the liberty to test these fabulous tanks and I have to shout from the rooftops: LOVE THEM. I’ve worn them to yoga, out in the park, under a blouse and jacket to dinner, even out running and I’m going to vouch for their claims: they wick moisture away and allow your skin to breathe when you’re sweating, but they also keep you warm when you walk into a room with air conditioning. I have two black tanks and they’re all I’ve worn this entire Memorial Day weekend. I now need them in every color they come in and so do you.

Look, it’s ok to look hot, but uncomfortable and sweaty is not how I prefer to go through my summer months. For those of you who need something that will keep you comfortable in all temperatures this season, I suggest stocking up on every color they come in. You’ll LIVE in them this summer.

Uniqlo Sarafine Innerwear Tank Tops, available at Uniqlo stores or by emailing


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