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Kristin Booker • May 16, 2011

Obsession Of The Day: Velvet by Graham and Spencer Serlina Tunic Dress

Ok, so as I said in yesterday’s post, I’m really quite taken with the concept of dresses right now. For those of you who are impossibly girly, you’re looking at me with incredulous looks(because, let’s face it – the concept of a dress isn’t exactly revolutionary) but I assure you that even though I am late to the game on this idea, I do have some valid things to add.

Anyway, in the spirit of get-up-and-go fashion mixed with my ever-increasing obsession with finding the perfect t-shirt, I’ve come across this gorgeous tunic dress from one of the companies that does t-shirts and soft cotton goods in just the most perfect way: Velvet by Graham and Spencer. This chic tunic dress is a great summer option for running errands during the day, heading to the beach or a great dinner out with friends at a restaurant with a simple change of accessories. The slip lining underneath is removable so you can go shimmy shimmy chic or throw it over a bathing suit at the beach or the pool when it comes time to grab something to eat.

At any rate, it’s a summer must have. Just think how great it will look with a little tan (fake, of course.) I’d officially call this dress white hot.

Velvet Serlina Tunic Dress, available via shopbop


One Response to Obsession Of The Day: Velvet by Graham and Spencer Serlina Tunic Dress

  1. Angelcat47 says:

    That’s a very chic dress…exactly the kind I’m looking for!!

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