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Kristin Booker • October 25, 2011

Obsessions of the Day: Matthew Williamson Dégradé Shearling Gilet and Embellished Metallic-Tweed Dress

There are a few designers in whose wares I would like to spend a considerable amount of time playing, one of whom is the amazing Matthew Williamson. As in, I would love to come to the showroom, try on a considerable amount of his drop dead gorgeous items and then try not to insult him as I tried to escape with at least one piece. Maybe two.

I’m just kidding. I wouldn’t steal anything from him. I love him too much. And I’m just not that kind of girl.

At any rate, if you’ve never been given a chance to watch the glory of the man at work, please do watch his Autumn/Fall 2011 Collection come down the runway for a moment before we go on. You’ll see why I’m such a huge fan of the painstaking detail and unabashed love of the female form the designer possesses:

From his RTW collection for fall, I would choose these two spectacular pieces, either worn separately or – as Reese’s cups have taught us – combine the two for the combination of amazing items that go together splendidly. The degrade effect on this gilet is spectacular and on shearling it works on a whole new rock and roll level.

matthew williamson degrade shearling gilet. image courtesy of net-a-porter.

This tweed dress is another work of art, a perfectly office appropriate item until you get to the cracked mirror effect of the sequin embellishment along the skirt. If you’re looking to make an impact for a night on the town, this would be the piece to get you noticed. And photographed. And possibly hounded for your phone number before you exited the establishment.

matthew williamson embellished metallic-tweed dress. image courtesy of net-a-porter.

<sigh> Matthew Williamson, oh, how I love thee.

Matthew Williamson Dégradé Shearling Gilet and Embellished Metallic-Tweed Dress, available via net-a-porter.


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