Kristin Booker • February 8, 2010

On the Scene: mark. and Lauren Conrad Talk m.powerment

Introducing another contributor to FSB, the lovely Tamara Lukens. Tamara attended the mark./Lauren Conrad event last week for us. Here’s what’s new and noteworthy from the event from her perspective:

I had the pleasure to attend the m.powerment by mark. event at The Crosby Hotel in New York City, where I spent the evening learning about the cause from Claudia Poccia, Global President for mark. and everyone’s favorite reality star/designer/author Lauren Conrad, mark. spokesperson and honorary co-chair for the m.powerment campaign. 

The m.powerment campaign is a philanthropic effort that seeks to empower young women to break the cycle of dating abuse and partner violence.  Did you know that women, ages 16-24, have the highest incidence of partner abuse?  Through this campaign, mark. is committed to change this statistic by instilling confidence and courage as well as creating a network for young women to reach out to and discuss these issues.  Since launching in 2008, the m.powerment by mark campaign has raised over $400K, with the money distributed to organizations around the country that support awareness, education and service to the problem of domestic partner abuse.

Upon arrival, we were ushered into a screening room and, with popcorn and champagne soda in hand, watched the campaign’s new PSA. We also got a sneak peek at the brand new “Have a Heart” bracelet, which features Lauren’s signature “faves” heart on one side, and the m.powerment by mark. insignia on the other.  Lauren Conrad was on hand for the event as well and I was very excited to see her talk about this incredible movement.

Along with Claudia Poccia, mark. Global President, a mark top seller, and Kristen DiFiore, Peer Educator Leader from the Healthy Relationship Training Academy in New York City, Lauren talked about the campaign and the importance of reaching out to young women who may be caught in an abusive relationship, emphasizing it is not their fault and encouraging them to seek help right away. An inspiring and powerful message from the face of the campaign.

She gracefully answered a set of questions submitted by bloggers and fans, including inquiries about her beauty secrets and her favorite beauty products, which we were all dying to know!  I discovered that Lauren shares my love for playing up the eyes, “Eyes are fun!” she remarked, and revealed that her perfect cat eye requires a lot of practice. Her go-to product for the signature look is On the Edge Hook Up Liquid Liner in Cleo (black) ($6).  Her other favorite beauty products from the brand are the aforementioned eyeliner, as well as Hook Ups with her favorite combination being the Scanda-Lash mascara ($6) and m.powerment gold lipgloss ($6).  Given her busy traveling schedule, Lauren relies on mark Light Bright Lighten & Depuff Gel ($8) to help her achieve a well-rested look.  I can assure you, I’ll be shopping for these products right away!

I’m very grateful to mark. and the m.powerment campaign for bringing forward the topic of domestic partner abuse among young women to the forefront.  If you would like to participate and support this cause, head to shop.meetmark.com and click on the m.powerment link, where you will find an assortment of products, including the signature necklaces and bracelets. One hundred percent of the net proceeds of the sale of these products go directly to the cause.  For more information, go to meetmark.com/mpowerment.


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