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Kristin Booker • February 27, 2011

Oscars Beauty Videos! Get Red Carpet Hair and Makeup Advice From Celebrity Experts Bruce Grayson and Danilo!

Image: AMPAR



One of the best things about looking at the red carpet trends is the ability to recreate them for yourself later. Two of my favorite beauty experts will be working the awards tonight and they’ve forwarded a couple of videos to show you their picks for the hottest trends in hair and makeup tonight. Watch and learn, FSB readers!

First up is celebrity makeup artist and head of the Academy Awards beauty department, Bruce Grayson. He’s also the Global Ambassador for Olay. Here are his picks for what you’ll see on the red carpet and how to recreate it with those gorgeous Olay products you can grab at your local drugstore or big box retailer.


Then we have celebrity hairstylist Danilo, who is Pantene’s Global Ambassador and the MAN when it comes to hot hairstyles for the red carpet. Danilo’s got some sure-fire tips for red carpet hairstyles that you might see tonight and that you can work into your life when those big moments arrive using Pantene products. Looks like finished, glamorous hair is back!

Where would you wear it? Even though these styles are suggested for red carpet, they’re perfect for big occasions in your own life. More toned-down versions of these looks are perfect for a big romantic date night or events where you want to look more polished, like a gallery opening or night at the theater.

Brides, pay attention: red carpet hair and makeup is a perfect way to plan the look for your own big red carpet moment. You know it will translate beautifully to pictures and will look impossibly glamorous!


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