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Kristin Booker • August 2, 2012

Outfit of The Day: Flight Time (As In What I Wear When I Fly)

LA, I love you and I hate to leave you.

Let it be known that I am a woman who loves, LOVES to travel. I think there’s some rumor going around that you’d rather sit on your duff and watch more tv as you get older and I am here to debunk that vile lie. The world is a big blue playground for me to explore and I have yet to scratch the surface of all the amazing things I want to see.

Let it also be known that not only do I love to travel, I’m really good at it. In a prior life, I had jobs that required me to fly across the country every single week for about six months, so much so that I still have the flight numbers memorized (US Airways Flight #42 outbound, US Airways Flight #14 returning.) When it comes to getting dressed for travel, I – as the saying goes – got this.

The look in this photoswas taken in a hotel room in Los Angeles recently prior to a return flight. The look is comfortable and easy, but also layered. Here’s a breakdown of my look and some tips around the items:

  • Glasses – Tiffany and Co. via LensCrafters (I don’t advise contact lenses when you fly. You’re just asking for dry eyes.)
  • Scarf – Sir Alistair Rai Mixed Media Reversible Mobius in Crimson This gorgeous, GIGANTIC wrap works as an oversized scarf around the neck, but you can also unwrap it and use it as a blanket when you fly and/or a sarong at the pool or the beach. It’s a magical wardrobe item.
  • Top – T by Alexander Wang V-Neck Pocket Tee – You can’t see it, but this is my first layer under everything when I fly. Because I get cold on airplanes and I want the softest possible items next to my skin while airplane air sucks all the moisture out.
  • Burnout sweatshirt – This is – I kid you not – a SoulCycle sweatshirt. I got it at the West Hollywood store when I was out there and I love it. Layered up, it looks pretty cool and it is SUPER COMFY.
  • Hudson Owl Nico Mid-Rise Super Skinny Ghost Owl jeans – I pledge allegiance to the fine craftsmanship of Hudson Jeans. Not only are these jeans super stylish (the owl print gives the white jeans a slightly grayish cast, so pretty) but they are honestly some of the most comfortable jeans I have ever had on my body. I recommend wearing skinnies when you fly because they sort of act like  a compression garment and help with swelling and circulation. I’m serious. Why do you think you see so many celebs wearing them in those airplane snaps. They work!
  • Rocket Dog Ankle Boots  (similar style here) – I found these at TJ Maxx almost a year ago. Super comfy and easy to slip off when you have to go through security. I recommend boots because you can wear socks under them (I repeat, WEAR SOCKS THROUGH SECURITY) and you can just pull them off and back on again in seconds.

Hope these tips help spark some travel ideas of your own. Only a few more weekends left of summer! Head out on the highway!



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