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Kristin Booker • August 6, 2012

Outfit of the Day: My Discovery Of The Perfect Baby Boot Jeans, Courtesy of Lucky Brand and ELLE

Gals, in the spirit of full disclosure, I have a denim fit problem.  As an hourglass-shaped woman, I frequently have issues with the “gap-and-slide, where the waistband eventually decides to give out (at which point, I should have been sold a great belt the price of the jeans to even the score.) I’m also scared of the sausage casing effect of too-tight styles. I’m usually like Goldilocks in a dressing room: this one’s too tight; this one’s too loose…

Me discussing my epic dressing room problems with Nico Peyrache and team from Lucky Brand jeans.

Well, Lucky Brand Denim must have heard my cries, because on July 10th they invited a group of other fashion bloggers and me to check out their new amazing Lucky Brand Denim collection for Fall 2012. Between sips and bites, we were presented with an entire WALL of denim in a multitude of styles to find our perfect fit.

We were asked to wear our favorite pair of jeans to the fitting so they could get a feel for our personal style and for current fit. I arrived in standard issue fashion blogger skinny jeans. But I was looking for something different, something with a little more – shall I say it? – sex appeal. Which is when designer Nico Peyrache jumped in to walk me through the line.

Could they be “me”? Me with a pair of Lucky Brand Charlie Baby Boot jeans.

The beauty of Lucky Brand denim is their belief in a “denim democracy,” with a collection of jeans created to fit every body type, length and size. From petite to plus size and everything in between, they’ve got you covered.

The denim is also so soft it must be crafted from the hair of cherubs and it conforms to the body instantly. Nico explained that the satin weave of the denim allowed for much more flexibility without losing the shape entirely, meaning my gap and drop situation has now safely come to an end.

Ta-da! Me in a pair of fab Lucky Brand Charlie Baby Boot jeans.

My choice? The Charlie Baby Boot – a jean that fits all the way down through the knee (key for us curvy types) with a small break at the top of the shin and a gorgeous slight boot that follows over the shoe. The wash creates a slimming effect around the thighs, which means no dreaded creases. Nothing but long, lean goodness.

The other girls chose a variety of styles that are available and I’d recommend checking the entire out. From the Sienna Cigarette (boyfriend jeans) to a Charlie Skinny (fab for nights out) and the Sofia body styles (great mid-rise set curvier gals) – the Boot, Skinny and Straight, there’s something for everyone. You should also check out the Cate Stacked and Cate Booted styles, if you’re into that low-rise shape.

Go check out Lucky Brand jeans for fall. You will be seeing me in mine A LOT in my new favorite baby boot pair over the next few months. Be sure to send me photos of yours!

FTC Full Disclosure/Disclaimer: Although the opinions expressed in this post are strictly my own, this is a sponsored promotion brought to you by Lucky Brand Jeans, ELLE and Style Coalition


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