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Kristin Booker • April 6, 2011

Personal Beauty Must-Have: Upgrade Your Feminine Hygiene Products With U By Kotex and Patricia Field

Ok, you Sex and the City-loving fashionistas – you obviously know who that amazing woman is with me in the photo above: none other than the Goddess of All Things Fashion and Fabulous, Patricia Field. I won’t go into how amazing she is in person (the room melts) or how funny she is (my life will never be the same) or what it was like to meet the woman in person (it’s quite possible I may never be the same) but I WILL tell you what she’s up to and how your personal hygiene just got a seriously fashion-forward upgrade.

If you’re not familiar with U by Kotex, head to your feminine hygiene aisle and there they are – bright, colorful pads and tampons in a chic black box. You’ve no doubt seen the brilliant ads poking fun at the tampon spots (pun intended) of yore..

Well, add to that that the geniuses behind U by Kotex gathered in a meeting one day and came up with a genius thought: why do feminine hygiene products have to be white? Why can they have color and be cute? God knows your period is rough enough without it having to be so stark and clinical. Live a little.

They turned to the one woman who could turn the whole world upside from a fashion and beauty perspective: Pat Field. Pat, a staunch supporter of women’s rights and a true fan of females everywhere, jumped at the chance to create something fabulous for you. So, along with your new favorite and colorful tampons and pads, they’ll now come in delightful new boxes and these spectacular custom-designed tins that Pat designed herself.

These tins will be released in July 2011 and will retail for the miraculous price of $1.99. That’s right – you can have a Patricia Field carrying case that will come with your feminine products inside (reusable, might I add) for a whopping two bucks. I challenge you to resist carrying that to the restroom with you. No more hiding your tampon in your hand. They now come in a Sex and the City-approved CLUTCH, ladies. There’s nothing more fabulous than that.

Even better – know a young woman who might be interested in getting into the design game? Pat will oversee a contest created by U by Kotex as part of their Ban The Bland campaign where girls will get to create a design for the new pads. Three winners will be chosen and will be flown to New York City, be mentored by Pat Field to add focus to their design and one final winner will attend a show at New York Fashion Week. Interested? Check out the website here.

At the very least, get ready to upgrade your bathroom counter and handbag with the cutest feminine hygiene products and chicest carrying case ever made. Because while cramps and bloating are nothing to get excited about, at least you can stop being embarrassed about being a girl. Turn that period into an exclamation point and walk proud with your fabulous Patricia Field tin this summer!


2 Responses to Personal Beauty Must-Have: Upgrade Your Feminine Hygiene Products With U By Kotex and Patricia Field

  1. Erin says:

    Love this Idea!! Are there any feminine cleansing products out there that are discreet like this?

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